Reaper's Territory :

Hail to the glory of the children
Who breathes in the shadows of the night.
Feeding on the wrath within, hammering the nail.
Breeders of hate, we will follow the reaper.
Sealing our fate, kissing the shadows.

Slumbering souls of the world, get off your fucking ass,
you goddam lazy shits! The wild child in your hart,
needs to be released!

We follow into reaper's territory. It will not be our downfall.
Death has called for his immortal sons. Beware or you'll be next in line.
An army on the march. Brutalizing metal.
We are at war, against the silent.

Banned from heaven, we fight the fight.
Tasting the scythe, everytime we die.

Entralling noize, enslaving souls.
With a heart of war, we pay the price.
Smiling pritty for the devil.
Tasting the scythe, everytime we die.