Battleground :

Screaming fire. Arrow rain.
Burning hate to fuel the slaughter.
Bloody swords. Almighty battleground.
Hear the demons call.
Charge the fields. Slay the cowards.
The blood on your face. Battling onwards.

See the sky black from smoke.
Burning eyes of knights fallen.
Quivering ground as dragons die.
Crashing down on dismembered foes.
We are the lords of war.
Follow us to your doom.
Our path has been set.

The game of war so lovely. A drowning river of blood.
Keep the fire roaring. A fate they cannot escape.

*I skyggenes dal, på blodig mark skal de hellige dø.
Mens vi vandrer fra slag til slag på en evig reise.
Iskalde sinn bak sorte visirer. Urokkelig kraft av hedensk prakt. *

* the norwegian part

In the valley of shadows, on the bloody fields,
the holy shallt die. While we wander from battle
to battle on an eternal journey.
Icecold minds behind black masks.
An unbeatable force of heathen glory.